Tuesday, April 29, 2008

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This week's Make the Connection post

Make the Connection

Saints are an inspiration to us! Ordinary men and women who gave their lives to the service of God. Their stories inspire us. We celebrate their lives. We can even ask them to pray for us in Heaven!

Learn about the Saints on your computer or MP3 player!
Check out http://sqpn.com/category/educational/saintcast/

Host Dr. Paul Camarata, explores a saint each episode and uncovers interesting info and inspiration that will keep you coming back to learn more!

This past episode (#94) Paul visited the New Orleans studios of Rob Clemenz of www.SaintsforSinners.com who spreads the stories of the Saints with beautiful hand-painted medals. Paul also shares about St. Fink, why St. Gabriel plays the trumpet, and pays a visit to a particular grave in a storied New Orleans cemetery.

If you have questions or suggestions about "Make the Connection", feel free to contact me!
Peace of Christ to you!

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