Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Make the Connection for Tweens!

Faith Online for Tweens!

Many thanks to Diana K for sharing this great resource with me that she found in Catholic Digest www.catholicdigest.com (a Catholic magazine).

Looking for a way to get your tweens more involved in learning about their faith?
Check out www.Yfaith.co.uk, a website designed in the UK for kids ages 10-13!

According to the "about" page for parents:
"Yfaith is an initiative of the Catholic Agency to Support Evangelization (CASE). It was created in response to the need of parents looking for support in passing on their faith to their children. Based on biblical teaching and the teachings of the Catholic Church, Yfaith aims to facilitate young peoples’ faith exploration, and enhance their understanding and experience of the Catholic faith".

The very interactive kids' "about" page engages them with videos of other kids explaining Yfaith and giving links to help them get started:
"In Get Connected you can hear other Yfaith users’ opinions and their stories about faith. Check out our girls only and boys only pages! In Faith you can explore who God is and how the Holy Spirit can be life changing. In Your World you can read about issues that are important to you, get serious about the environment, and check out reviews of the latest films and books. Sacred Space is space for you and God. From writing letters to listening to songs… there'll be something here that will help you pray".

If you have questions or suggestions for "Make the Connection", feel free to contact me!Peace of Christ to you!
Kerry Madden, The Catholic Parish Media Liaison

Monday, November 10, 2008


Bravo, hooray and PRAISE GOD!

4 Catholic podcast won the 2008 People's Choice Podcast awards!!!

Check out http://www.sqpn.com/ below for the exciting news and links to these awesome podcasts!


SQPN Brings Home 4 Podcast Awards
By Fr. Roderick • November 10, 2008
The Catholic new media network SQPN has won four awards in the 2008 People’s Choice Podcast Awards. Fr. Leo Patalinghug’s video series ‘Grace Before Meals’ won the award in the Food and Drink category, George Leite won the Podsafe Music award for his show ‘Catholic Rockers’, and Fr. Roderick Vonhogen won two awards: ‘Healthy Catholic’ won in the Health and Fitness category, and his morning show ‘Daily Breakfast’ won the award in the category Religion and Inspiration.
Thanks to everyone who voted!

The Face of God!

Last evening my teen and I attended a special event sponsored by our Parish entitled "The Face Of God".

In a dimly lit auditorium, Rob Surette, "the fastest portrait artist in the world", brought to life the reality of God, the purpose of Jesus' earthly mission and our call to serve, all with dramatic effect.

The audience was captivated by his style of splashing, splattering, dabbing and brushing paint onto large black canvases. Along with inspiring music and visual effects, Rob surprised us by transforming seemingly random applications of paint into beautiful pieces of art that glorify God.

Check out his website to view his amazing portraits of many well known people and videos of his art in action. http://www.amazingheroart.com/

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Faith in the voting booth

Make the Connection: Faith in the voting booth.

With only days until our big election day, I'd like to give you some resources to help you finalize your decisions in a way that upholds your Catholic values.

One podcast I find particularly helpful when researching for my Make the Connection articles is the Catholic New Media Roundup by Canadian Sean McGaughey. http://www.cc.ductapeguy.net/. He recently compiled a list of Catholic resources to help you make an informed decision at the polls in the US and Canada: http://delicious.com/ductapeguy/catholicvot0e

No matter what and who you decide to vote for, please join me in praying for our elections, giving thanks for our awesome privilege and right to vote, as well as praying for God's will to be done. Www.Catholicvote.com has a prayer page designed to encourage and focus prayer for the elections: http://www.catholicvote.com/prayer.aspx

And to think, next week, it'll all be over!

If you have questions or suggestions for "Make the Connection", feel free to contact me!

Peace of Christ to you!
Kerry Madden, The Catholic Parish Media Liaison

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Make the Connection: Political courage and honesty

Election Day is almost here! A wise elephant* once said "Every voice counts". So today I'd like to encourage you to empower yourself with the facts that will help you to make the best decisions for our country.

Ready to learn the facts about the candidates?
Check out the websites below to learn their views, biography, speeches and voting records.

At http://www.votesmart.org/election_president.php you can find non partisan facts (not accusations) in an easy to search, easy to understand language. Their website states: “Picture this: thousands of citizens (conservative and liberal alike) working together, spending endless hours researching the backgrounds and records of thousands of political candidates and elected officials to discover their voting records, campaign contributions, public statements, biographical data (including their work history) and evaluations of them generated by over 100 competing special interest groups. Every election these volunteers test each candidate's willingness to provide citizens with their positions on the issues they will most likely face if elected through the Political Courage Test. “

For a Catholic perspective check out http://www.priestsforlife.org/elections/index.htm to learn about the candidates, compare their views and find ways you can get involved in defending human life.

Peace of Christ to you!
Kerry Madden

*Horton, the pro-life elephant from Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears a Who.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Spiritual renewal and faith sharing

Through out the summer there was a buzz in our church... Arise Together in Christ is coming!!!
It was billed as small group scripture study, faith sharing and spiritual renewal. This sounded very exciting to me! I couldn't wait to sign up to be a part of it.

At long last fall has arrived and ARISE has begun! Last week's meeting was warm and welcoming. We got to know each other, agreed on some basic structure to our meeting and dove into the Holy Bible. The Arise Study guide had some thought provoking questions and encouraged us share with each other as we build our relationship with Jesus.

Check out the RCAB's website to learn about Arise Together in Christ and see if you can bring this exciting renewal to your parish! http://rcab.org/Life/Arise/HomePage.html

Peace of Christ to you!
Kerry, The Catholic Parish Media Liaison

Monday, September 22, 2008

Get spiritual refreshment!

Make the Connection...using new media to strengthen your connection to faith!

Do you ever get to Wednesday and wish you could recall those nuggets of wisdom from your priest's homily during Mass?

I have two perfect "pick me ups" for your spirit!

Check out http://www.wordonfire.org/ with Father Robert Barron. Each week Father Barron shares his sermon via podcast that can be downloaded onto your computer or Mp3 player. He also creates videos on you tube with his review of movies and answers questions like "Why do we believe in God"? http://www.youtube.com/user/wordonfirevideo

The second is Deacon Tom Fox http://www.deacontomonline.com/ Each week Deacon Tom shares his reflections on Catholic Moments Podcast http://catholicmoments.libsyn.com/ and has written reflections, topical homilies and conversion stories on his website. He is both thought provoking and heartwarming.

If you have questions or suggestions for "Make the Connection", feel free to contact me!
Peace of Christ to you!
Kerry Madden, The Catholic Parish Media Liaison http://kerryannmadden.blogspot.com/

Be Prepared to VOTE!

Make the Connection...using new media to strengthen your connection to faith!

You will often hear the media's take on what Catholics believe and what the Church teaches during the news and in the paper. Unfortunately, the reporting is not always accurate or fully explained. We owe it to ourselves and our affiliation with the Catholic Church to understand what the Church REALLY says about social issues and learn about our role as citizens. And with election day right around the corner (even though the campaigning seems to be unending) we also need to be prepared to make the best possible decisions for the next leaders of our state and country.

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops have put together a great website:
http://www.faithfulcitizenship.org/. It is chock full of excellent resources. Take a Faithful Citizenship quiz with Steve Angrisano (recognize his name from the hymnal? He's a well known song writer!), watch the thought of the day or tune into a message for teens. Listen to Podcasts on Catholic Social teaching. Find prayer resources and ways to take action.

You may even learn something you didn't know before and hopefully be inspired to live out your faith while making your decisions in November.

If you have questions or suggestions for "Make the Connection", feel free to contact me!
Peace of Christ to you!
Kerry Madden, The Catholic Parish Media Liaison http://kerryannmadden.blogspot.com/

Friday, August 29, 2008

TV time well spent

Make the Connection...using new media to strengthen your connection to faith!

September is right around the corner along with all new television episodes from your favorite series. Are Lost, Pushing Daisies, Grey's Anatomy and CSI at the top of your list? On your journey around the dial, stop at Charter Cable Channel 96 to find programs that will teach, entertain and strengthen the faith of your WHOLE family. Once you get hooked on the shows here you'll be saying "Who cares about Meredith and Derrick!".

EWTN (Eternal Word Network) is a global Catholic network that provides excellent quality programming. Highlights this September include a new movie "The Passion of Bernadette", The Papal Visit to Loudres, France and a new series "Crossing the Goal" starting former NFL Wide receiver Danny Abramowicz! My favorite shows are Life on the Rock (teens and young adults), The World Over (news), EWTN Live with Fr. Mitch Pacwa and the Journey Home with Marcus Grodi and his weekly guests. Check out Charter Cable channel 96 or watch live on line at http://www.ewtn.com/ (Many of these shows are available as FREE Mp3 Downloads as well)

If you have questions or suggestions for "Make the Connection", feel free to contact me!

Peace of Christ to you!
Kerry Madden, The Catholic Parish Media Liaison KMadden445@aol.com

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Make the connection...making good choices in gaming...

Make the Connection...using new media to strengthen your connection to faith!

Are you or your kids into video games? Star Wars Rebel Strike, Super Paper Mario, DRIV3R, Matrix Path of Neo...?

Did you every want to get a thorough review of a game BEFORE you used it, that told you more than the basic review or rating?

This week's Make the Connection pick is www.jorimslist.com. Jorim gives in depth reviews that include specific commentary on violence, profanity and of course the all important fun-factors! He gives indispensable information to help you make a great choice for your family!

Although Catholic video games are limited, here are a few I found on the web:

~For little kids: check out a fun interactive website: http://www.ewtn.com/ewtnkids/home.asp
~ For school age 6+: GOSPEL CHAMPIONS - CATHOLIC ADVENTURE PC GAME at www.ewtnreligiouscatalogue.com
~For Teens: Catechumen CD-ROM at www.catholiccompany.com

If you have questions or suggestions for "Make the Connection", feel free to contact me!

Peace of Christ to you!
Kerry Madden

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Make the Connnection: Audrey Stevenson, pray for us! A book review.

I recently read the book "Audrey, The True Story of One Child's Heroic Journey of Faith" by Gloria Conde as part of the Catholic Company's reviewer program and couldn't wait to tell the world my thoughts and feelings about this book and about Audrey!

The book was written in French by Gloria Conde and I read the translated version which was edited by Trish Bailey http://www.catholiccompany.com/. I mention this only because I am a Francophile and found it so fitting (perhaps it was a divine plan!) that this book should land in my hands.

"Audrey" is a beautiful book that chronicles the memories, experiences and lessons from Audrey's life and the impact she had on other people. She was given a special gift from God; a heart and soul truly devoted to serving Him in all she did. She was passionate about sharing God's love and His calling to each of us: to know Him, love Him and serve Him. At the age of 9, she was afflicted with leukemia and through her illness shared the peace and joy and purpose that comes from life centered on God.

As I read, I was reminded of an NPR program where the author, Bart Ehrman, talked about his book "God's Problem". He found the Bible's explanation of why people suffer unconvincing and eventually lost his faith. I feel Audrey has his answer. I will be praying for him that he rediscovers his faith and learns the beauty and purpose of suffering.

Audrey Stevenson's life was a gift to the world and hers is story that needs to be told.

Her mission on earth is not complete though her time here has ended. She continues to "work" for us from her original home, heaven. Audrey, please pray for us!

If you have suggestions for upcoming installments of Make the Connection, please contact me!Peace of Christ to you!Kerry Madden, The Catholic Parish Media Liaison
KMadden445@aol.com http://kerryannmadden.blogspot.com/

This review was written as part of The Catholic Company product reviewer program. Visit The Catholic Company to find more information on Audrey - True Story of a Child's Journey of Faith.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Make The Connection... Making good choices at the movies!

With all this rainy weather in the northeast, a trip to the movie theatre seems in order!

When you are unsure whether or not a movie upholds your values, it can be tricky to find a review that will give you a clear idea of how a movie will rate on your moral barometer. There are several great web sites to help you in your quest! All of them review current movies in theatres as well as those on DVD.

The US Conference of Catholic Bishops has a page devoted to movie reviews. The reviews are short, containing a summary and comments on possibly offensive themes. http://www.usccb.org/movies/

Focus On the Family, a Christian but not Catholic organization, hosts a website geared toward deciphering movies and other media http://www.pluggedinonline.com/ provides longer reviews with comments on positive elements and spiritual content as well as violence, sexual content, drug references and crudeness,

My favorite source is http://www.decentfilms.com/ "Decent Films is the online home of the film writing of Steven D. Greydanus, who is film critic for the National Catholic Register. A member of Online Film Critics Society and the Faith & Film Critics Circle, he also writes for Christianity Today Movies and Catholic Exchange". Steven gives in depth reviews and an at a glance rating chart.

If you have suggestions for upcoming installments of Make the Connection, please contact me!Peace of Christ to you!
Kerry Madden, Parish Media Liaison KMadden445@aol.com http://kerryannmadden.blogspot.com/

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Make the Connection...Making good choices: Pro-Life Resources

Make the Connection...using new media to strengthen your connection to faith!

I am always trying to teach my children that they have power in this world. Namely, how they spend they their money will influence what products, music and trends are available and popular. I realize they are only two people out of millions but if we all looked at consumption that way, we could change the world for the better. I saw this happen in the very own company I work for. When people unite and God's will is embraced, mountains can be moved!

I try to keep my ears and eyes open to ways I can support companies working to make the world better and on occasion I learn about a company whose advertising, marketing and philanthropic practices are not in line with my own ethical and moral principals. Recently I heard about Sierra Nevada Beer's giving practices and Sam Adams' unethical promotion campaigns. It prompted me to look into some ethical beer alternatives!
(Hint: Trappist monks make some pretty tasty beer: see http://www.nytimes.com/2005/09/21/dining/21wine.html?_r=1&oref=slogin).

While doing some research I found several companies and organizations that promote Pro-Life causes.
1. Crisis pregnancy http://www.crisispregnancyoutreach.org/ helps women and men who find themselves faced with an unexpected pregnancy and Silent No More assists people who have experienced abortion to heal. http://www.silentnomoreawareness.org/
2. Priests for Life has a voters guide to the upcoming election to help choose candidates wisely. http://www.priestsforlife.org/elections/index.htm
3. Pro-Life Communications provides phone service http://www.prolifecomm.com/
4. Life Decisions International researches and reports on companies who support Planned Parenthood and organizes boycotts. http://www.fightpp.org/
5. Heritage House sells many items to display a pro life message: pins, bumper stickers, t-shirts and more. http://www.hh76.com/
6. Promise Checks prints checks with a pro life message. http://www.promisechecks.com/

While this seems like a daunting task, to scrutinize each product we purchase, store we frequent and company we work for, I think the small choices we make every day can have an impact.

If you have suggestions for companies that are pro-ethical and moral choices, please contact me to add in upcoming installments of Make the Connection.
Peace of Christ to you!
Kerry Madden KMadden445@aol.com

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Make the Connnection: Health and Fitness with Christ!

Make the Connection...using new media to strengthen your connection to faith!

How's your health these days? Feeling great about it? Did you run in the local Road Race? Bike down the Rail Trail? Chase the kids/grandkids around the yard?

If not, are you wishing you could? Or just wanting to feel like you are on a path of wellness?

Our bodies are a temple of the Holy Spirit (See I Corinthians 6: 19-20). Those of you, who know me, know I value fitness, cooking nutritiously and eating healthy meals. So, my picks in new media this week center on living a healthy lifestyle and giving back to those in need through fitness!

Get started with the Healthy Catholic show! http://sqpn.com/category/video/healthy-catholic/ a video series with one of my favorite Catholic priests Father Roderick Vonhogen.

Want to learn more about healthy eating? Check out http://www.cravingbetterhealth.com/ Parishioner Julie Hanagan is a Certified Health Counselor. Her goal is to "guide you to find the food and lifestyle choices that best support you". She will "help you to make gradual, lifelong changes that enable you to reach your current and future health goals".

Need a coach for fitness? Check out http://www.faithfirstfitness.com/. It is both "an online and in-person fitness coaching business". Owner Greg Cheney is a "pastor and certified fitness coach". His fitness programs "focus on total life change and not temporary success. He coaches clients in-person and thousands of miles away via the Internet and phone". Although this is not a Catholic site, I found it interesting. "Pursue Genuine Faith and LifelongFitness at FaithFirstFitness.com"

I have enjoyed using http://www.sparkpeople.com/. This online healthy lifestyle community has a mission to "SPARK millions of PEOPLE to reach their goals and lead healthier lives". They "offer nutrition, health, and fitness tools, support, and resources that are 100% free." Among the support teams, you will find "Fired Up Catholics", "Catholic Bible Study" and more! Also not a Catholic site but I find it super helpful.

Need to find a route to walk or jog in your neighborhood without getting in the car first to check the distance? Check out http://www.mapmyrun.com/ to create or find a route.

So by September you should be ready to join me in a road race/walk! Use your healthy body and faith focus to help a worthy cause: St. Charles Children's Home, an “intermediate group home for children from families in crisis” run by a group of religious sisters whose focus is on the physical and spiritual well being of the children placed in their home.
First check this out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e7uRoX4o99w and http://www.stcharleshome.org/
Then join me for a road race to benefit the Home on Labor Day this year! http://www.stcharleshome.org/race.html.

Or check out http://www.coolrunning.com/ to find other events.

If you have questions or suggestions about "Make the Connection", feel free to contact me!
Peace of Christ to you!
Kerry Madden, The Catholic Parish Media Liaison

Monday, June 30, 2008

Parish Media Liaison Post 6-30-08

Make the Connection...using new media to strengthen your connection to faith!

More on music!

Following up on my post 2 weeks ago I have found some other resources for great Catholic Music!

Check out Grapevine Online where you can "read, listen, watch and talk about your favorite catholic music"! www.gvonline.net/ Hosted by Massachusetts resident Susan Bailey! I had a nice chat with her on the phone after she found my blog on catholic music. She has an excellent site and podcast that I now subscribe to. Susan shared what she's doing with me and also talked to me about my next pick!

Proud 2B Catholic music festival: http://www.proud2bcatholic.com/Events/Framingham happening on August 9th. Featuring artist Tony Melendez, Martin Doman, Kelly Pease, Zealous, D-Major, Sammy Blaze and others. I am planning to go. Susan says it's phenominal! Contact me if you'd like to carpool. There are also other P2BC events happening around the country as well as other concerts by Catholic musicians. You can learn more at GVonline.net

In my last post about music I wrote too much!

Folk/fun/kids: Popple http://www.popple.us/ Catholic Kids Worship (see itunes or http://www.independentbands.com/)
Rock (think Fall Out Boy, Greenday, All American Rejects- style ): Last Day http://www.lastdayonline.com/, Critical Mass http://www.catholicrock.com/
Contemporary Catholic music you might hear Mary Pat play on Sunday's at teen mass: Tom Booth www.spiritandsong.com/artists/tombooth, Matt Maher http://www.mattmahermusic.com/,
Country/bluegrass: http://www.mariebellet.com/
Praise and worship (mellow): http://www.gretchen-harris.com/, http://www.jonniven.com/ (both mellow and upbeat)

If you have questions or suggestions about "Make the Connection", feel free to contact me!
Peace of Christ to you!
Kerry Madden KMadden445@aol.com

Monday, June 23, 2008

Parish Media Liaison Post

June 23, 2008
Make the Connection...using new media to strengthen your connection to faith!

Looking for a GREAT summer read for yourself and the kids?

My pick this week is books! Low tech, old media form of strengthening your faith!

For elementary school kids (all are enthusiastically approved by my 7 year old):
Loyola Kids Book of Saints by Amy Welborn. Written in an easy to understand, kid friendly language, Amy incorporates questions and reflections on the lives of some really interesting saints. www.loyolapress.com
The Weight of a Mass by Josephine Nobisso Tells a beautiful tale of a wedding, a poor beggar and a disbelieving town who comes see believe in the power of grace poured out to us during our participation in the Mass, Also great as a tool for discussion with older kids! www.catholiccompany.com
The Princess and the Kiss for girls and The Squire and the Scroll for boys both by Jennie Bishop touch on the subject of purity and chastity in a kid-friendly way. BEAUTIFUL illustrations and a wonderful message. www.catholiccompany.com

For Tweens
Non fiction but fun question and answer book called "Did Adam and Eve have belly buttons?" by Matthew Pinto. Some topics are for older teens so you can use this book for a long time! www.catholiccompany.com

For Teens
Catholic Reluctantly by Christian M. Frank (interviewed last week on the Catholic Moments Podcast with Lisa Hendey). I recently purchased it but haven't read it yet, it looks good! http://www.johnpaul2high.com/

The Shadow of the Bear by Regina Doman My 14 year old recently read it an LOVED it! Regina has also written several more books not to be missed!http://www.reginadoman.com/.

Pierced by a Sword, Conceived Without Sin and House of Gold by Bud MacFarlane have been my favorite Catholic fiction books so far. http://www.catholicity.com/novels/. These books are free along with other great Catholic CDs on various topics!

If you have questions or suggestions about "Make the Connection", feel free to contact me!
Peace of Christ to you!
Kerry KMadden445@aol.com

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

This weeks Parish Media Liason Post

June 18, 2008
Make the Connection...using new media to strengthen your connection to faith!

Like music? I do! All kinds too. But I especially love music when it incorporates positive themes, God's abounding love and Church teaching!

Sounds boring? Ah, it's anything but! I have some great picks for you this week if you'd like to start filling your ears, mind and soul with music that supports and enriches your Catholic life!

EWTN's Backstage www.ewtn.com/series/Backstage/index.htm is a coffee house style program that features and a new artist each week. It's on at 11:30pm on Friday nights (you might want to DVR it!) on Charter Cable Channel 96.

www.catholicjukebox.com has several programs and a search engine to help you find music you'll like. They also have podcasts you can subscribe to for free. One called Catholic Rockers is hosted by Leominster's own George Leite!

Also www.topcatholicsongs.com is a website to help you find Catholic Artists of all genres. They've created some mixes of various artists on Itunes under Imixes. It's a great way to get a sample of each artists work and find more music you enjoy.

Want to go to a Christian Music Festival?
Check out http://www.thesoulfest.com/2008/ at Gunstock Mountain in Guilford, NH the July 30th to August 2nd! My favorite Catholic artist Matt Maher will be providing worship music for the daily Mass!!! The festival features both Catholic and non Catholic Christian artists.

Some artists to check out:
Hip Hop/Funk: Manuel3 www.manuel3.com
Rap: Fr Stan Fortuna www.francescoproductions.com
Folk/fun/kids: Popple www.popple.us Catholic Kids Worship (see itunes or www.independentbands.com)
Rock (think Fall Out Boy, Greenday, All American Rejects- style ): Last Day www.lastdayonline.com, Critical Mass www.catholicrock.com
Contemporary Catholic music you might hear Mary Pat play on Sunday's at teen mass: Tom Booth www.spiritandsong.com/artists/tombooth, Matt Maher www.mattmahermusic.com,
Country/bluegrass: www.mariebellet.com
Praise and worship (mellow): www.gretchen-harris.com

If you have questions or suggestions about "Make the Connection", feel free to contact me!
Peace of Christ to you!
Kerry Madden KMadden445@aol.com

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

This Week's Parish Media Liaison Post

June 10, 2008

Make the Connection...using new media to strengthen your connection to faith!

My pick this week honors our fathers! Our Church Fathers and one superb catholic dad named Joe McClane!

Joe created a podcast called The Catholic Hack, a recorded program "dealing in matters of Apologetics, spirituality, Church teaching, and the Christian faith".
and has recorded the works of some of the Church Fathers:

Joe McClane says about himself: "I grew up in the Church of Christ but fell away and became agnostic in my teens. I joined the Catholic Church at the Easter Vigil of 1999 and was married, to my lovely wife Michelle, in the Church in 2000. My real conversion took place on a spring day in 2002 when I got on my knees and "let go and let God". My journey went into hyper drive at that point and I have been in love with my Catholic faith ever since. My wife and I have three children on earth and three children in heaven. We are devout practicing Catholics who are excited to share the treasure we "found in a field" with the whole world. I work full time for a Catholic, non-profit, evangelization ministry in Houston TX called Fullness of Truth".

Check out Joe's programs and grow in your faith!
If you have questions or suggestions about "Make the Connection", feel free to contact me!
Peace of Christ to you!
Kerry Madden The Catholic Parish Media Liaison

Monday, June 2, 2008

This Week's Parish Media Liason Post

Make the Connection...using new media to strengthen your connection to faith!

Last Sunday, my husband and I celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary!
To celebrate, I'd love to suggest you check out


According to their website: "The Catholic Church cares about your marriage. In fact, the U.S. Catholic bishops are working hard to make marriage a priority (see National Pastoral Initiative for Marriage). Every marriage matters, because marriage comes from the hand of God. God brings a man and a woman together to love and support each other. Their love becomes visible in the children they bring into the world and in their act of generous service".

This website has many great resources to support you and your spouse or spouse-to-be. Check out video clips of other couples answering questions like "what have you done for your marriage today?", book reviews, topics of discussion and more. We have really enjoyed the thought provoking and empowering content on this site.

Here is the marriage tip of the day for my anniversary:
June 1
A 50/50 marriage will be consumed with checking who's ahead and who owes one. Better to give 100% of your effort. Sometimes you'll give more and sometimes you'll receive more, but who's counting?

If you have questions or suggestions about "Make the Connection", feel free to contact me!
Peace of Christ to you!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

This Week's Parish Media Liason Post

Make the Connection...using new media to strengthen your connection to faith!

This week my pick is Grace Before Meals (http://www.gracebeforemeals.com/).

This fantastic resource was started by Father Leo Patalinghug, a cool, young priest, in 2003 and has grown into a worldwide movement! According the website Grace Before Meals "is centered on one fundamental concept: the simple act of creating and sharing a meal can strengthen all kinds of relationships". Father Leo has been busy producing a book, video podcasts, a blog and even a pilot for a TV show endorsed by PBS.
GBM website goes on to say that "Research shows that having frequent family dinners can reduce the susceptibility of teens to risks like teen pregnancy, smoking, drug use and depression. And these benefits don't just apply to traditional families or people with kids. Stronger families foster stronger communities, and that’s the goal we're striving for–one meal at a time".
Check out the website to view videos, get recipe ideas and learn more about the Grace Before Meals ideas!

If you have questions or suggestions about "Make the Connection", feel free to contact me!
Peace of Christ to you!
PS I highly recommend starting with the videos on creating liturgically colored sauces. The "green/ordinary time" sauce is anything but ordinary! YUM!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

This week's Parish Media Liason Post

Make the Connection...using new media to strengthen your connection to faith!

This week my pick is a movie!
Grab someone you love, some popcorn and watch this great film!

Last year a new film company called Metanoia Films, filled with the desire to create movies that make a positive difference, released it's first film: Bella. It quickly gained numerous, prestigious awards such as the People's Choice Award at the Toronto Film Festival, Best Film and Best Actor from the 2008 MovieGuide Awards and a distinctive honor from The Smithsonian Institute. This week it was released on DVD.

Recently, Eduardo Verastegui, the actor who plays Jose an international soccer star in the movie, was interviewed on the Today show. You can still see this interview at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y04HMaC5kT0

Check out the trailers at http://www.bellathemovie.com/ or buy the movie and enjoy! It is PG 13. There is no profane language, gratuitous violence or inappropriate relationships just some serious subjects. My 14 year old and I HIGHLY recommend it!

If you have questions or suggestions for"Make the Connection", feel free to contact me!
Peace of Christ to you!
Kerry KMadden445@aol.com

PS Interested in new media? Want to learn how it can be used to share, learn and grow our Catholic Faith? Join the Catholic New Media Celebration on June 22 in Atlanta GA. check out http://celebration.sqpn.com/ for details.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Parish Media Liason Post

For Sunday May 11, 2008

"Make The Connection"...using new media to strengthen your connection to faith!

Happy Mothers Day!

In honor of this special day, my "Make the Connection" pick this week is http://www.catholicmom.com/.

Creator of this site, Lisa Hendey says: "Welcome to CatholicMom.com, a web site for sharing and learning about parenting and faith issues. Please stop by our new Catholic Mom Blog and share your comments and ideas. Check out our new Catholic Moments Podcast as we discuss faith and family and share interviews with authors, musicians, and others just like you who are looking to live out their faith".

I listen to Lisa's podcast regularly and love her wisdom, inspiration and special guests! Some of Lisa's recent podcast guests have been Maura Weiss, author, mom and wife of football's Charlie Weiss; musician and mom Jenny Klement; author and mom Regina Doman and more! On Lisa's recent podcast #47 I called in to share about our "Make the Connection" part of the bulletin. Listen for me as I call in with regular updates as Catholic Parish Media Liaison.

Peace of Christ to you!
Kerry Madden Parish Media Liaison

Friday, May 2, 2008

Pray extra on Sat for Special Funeral

This post from Father Frank Pavone is very sad and disturbing. It is about abortion.
It is worth a read but I wanted to provide the link and not the actual letter as it is hard to read...

If you just want to pray on Sat for the souls of the preborn babies whose funeral will be held tomorrow, please do, even if you can't read the article from Father Pavone.


If you know someone who is need of healing because of an abortion. please visit http://www.rachelsvineyard.org/

Caring for God's gift of the earth

Last week I saw National Geographic's latest episode of Strange Days on Planet Earth. It shared how many of our daily choices negatively effect the environment. It had many great suggestions on how we can make a positive impact on the environment.
Step One: BRING YOUR OWN BAGS to the store....

Check out the program http://www.pbs.org/strangedays/ to learn more.

When we pray the Our Father. we ask that His will be done on earth as it is in Heaven...
Let's work together to treat His creation with as much reverence and awe and love as He inspires in us.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Saint of the day...from Pauline Press

The lives of the saints inspire me. I found this at www.pauline.org GREAT website!


This holy pope was born in Italy in 1504. He was baptized Anthony Ghislieri. He wanted to become a priest, but it seemed as though his dream would never come true. His parents were poor. They had no money to send him to school. One day, two Dominicans came to his home and met Anthony. They liked him so much that they offered to educate him. And so at the age of fourteen, Anthony joined the Dominican order. That is when he took the name "Michael." Eventually, he became a priest. Then he became a bishop and cardinal.Courageously he defended the teachings of the Church against those who opposed them. He continued to live a life of penance. When he was sixty-one, he was chosen pope. He took the name Pope Pius V. He had once been a poor shepherd boy. Now he was the head of the whole Catholic Church. Yet he remained as humble as ever. He still wore his white Dominican habit, the same old one he had always worn. And no one could persuade him to change it.As pope, Pius V had many challenges to face. He drew strength from the crucifix. He meditated every day on the sufferings and death of Jesus. At this time, the Turks were trying to conquer the whole Christian world. They had a great navy on the Mediterranean Sea. A Christian force went to battle them at a place called Lepanto, near Greece. From the moment the army set out, the pope prayed the Rosary. He encouraged the people to do the same. Thanks to the help of the Blessed Mother, the Christians won a great victory. In gratitude to Mary, St. Pius V established the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary. We celebrate it each year on October 7.Pope Pius V died in Rome on May 1, 1572. His feast is celebrated today because May 1 is the feast of St. Joseph the Worker. Pius V was proclaimed a saint by Pope Clement XI in 1712.
We pray today for all the bishops, priests and ministers of the Church.

Lisa Hendey's parenting article

I really enjoyed reading this from Lisa Hendey.... check it out...


Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Parish Media Liason Posts

This week's Make the Connection post

Make the Connection

Saints are an inspiration to us! Ordinary men and women who gave their lives to the service of God. Their stories inspire us. We celebrate their lives. We can even ask them to pray for us in Heaven!

Learn about the Saints on your computer or MP3 player!
Check out http://sqpn.com/category/educational/saintcast/

Host Dr. Paul Camarata, explores a saint each episode and uncovers interesting info and inspiration that will keep you coming back to learn more!

This past episode (#94) Paul visited the New Orleans studios of Rob Clemenz of www.SaintsforSinners.com who spreads the stories of the Saints with beautiful hand-painted medals. Paul also shares about St. Fink, why St. Gabriel plays the trumpet, and pays a visit to a particular grave in a storied New Orleans cemetery.

If you have questions or suggestions about "Make the Connection", feel free to contact me!
Peace of Christ to you!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Parish Media Liason Posts

4-8-08 "Make the Connection"
Have you ever heard Pope John Paul II teaching called Theology of The Body?
It was his "integrated vision of the human person - body, soul, and spirit. As he explained, the physical human body has a specific meaning and is capable of revealing answers regarding fundamental questions about us and our lives". (see http://www.theologyofthebody.net/)

With this in mind, my pick of the week is http://www.pureloveclub.com/ and Jason Evert, This Sunday Jason, a nationally renown Catholic speaker and author, will be in Groton to present "Romance without Regret" to our teens.

Jason has been featured on several EWTN programs (Charter cable channel 96), "Catholic Answers Live" radio program and a speaking engagements around the country. He often speaks with his wife Crystalina about love, relationships, peer pressure and virtue. They host "The Pure Life," which is a weekly TV show for teens on EWTN and have authored a book with Brian Butler called "Theology of the Body for Teens". (Ascension Press)

Check out http://www.catholic.com/ or http://www.pureloveclub.com/ to learn more about Jason and Crystalina, hear one of their talks (PG-13) and access great info on living a joyous virtuous life!

Parish Media Liason Posts

4-13-08 Make the Connection
Do you ever wish your kids could get more out of their faith, understand the readings and be engaged during Mass?

Do you ever wish the same for yourself?

My "Make the Connection" pick this week is http://www.magnificat.com/
Magnificat is a spiritual guide whose aim is to
" Develop your prayer life,
Grow in your spiritual life
Find a way to a more profound love for Our Blessed Savior
Participate in the holy Mass with greater fervor"
They will send you a free sample of their guide that has prayers, lives of the saints, Mass readings and more! I recently received free copies of the kids' version. My 7 year old and I enjoyed using it during Mass last weekend!

Monday, March 31, 2008

Parish Media Liason Posts

3-31-08 Make the Connection
In celebration of Father Peter West's visit to our parish this week, my "Make the Connection" picks are www.priestsforlife.org and www.ewtn.com.

The PFL website has info, resources, a schedule of air times for radio and television programs and more to help you learn about and become involved in Pro Life issues.

The Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN) has a thought provoking show hosted by Father Frank Pavone, National Director of PFL, called Defending Life. It airs Friday nights at 10pm on Charter Cable channel 96. Or you can watch via Live feed on Windows Media Player or Real Player through your computer. There are also archived audio versions of the show at http://www.ewtn.com/vondemand/audio/selectseries.asp. Each week Father and his guests cover a different topic, share facts and include ways we can all help increase awareness on life issues with insight, action compassion and truth. This week's topic will be The Silent No More Awareness Campaign in Canada http://www.silentnomoreawareness.org/ and the Prayer Campaign (www.prayercampaign.org).

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Parish Media Liason Posts

2-27-08 Make the Connection

Looking for insightful, inspirational resources for lent? > Check out _www.crossroadsinitiative.com_ (http:> //www.crossroadsinitiative.com) a website from Dr. Marcellino D'Ambrosio >

"In 2001 Dr. D’Ambrosio left his position at the University of Dallas to > develop the work of _Crossroads Productions_ > (http://www.crossroadsinitiative.com/mission_statement.html) , the apostolate of Catholic renewal and > evangelization. He, his wife Susan, and their five children, reside just outside of > Dallas, TX."

He is also a frequent contributor to EWTN (charter cable channel > 96) and Catholic Answers Live radio call in program. I really enjoyed this article and learned some neat things I didn't know before! _http://www.crossroadsinitiative.com/library_article/458/Original_Meaning_of_Lent.html_ > (http://www.crossroadsinitiative.com/library_article/458/Original_Meaning_of_Lent.html) >

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Parish Media Liason

2-26-08 Make the Connection

Founded in 2003 by husband and wife team Greg and Jennifer the "Rosary Army is a 501(c)3 non-profit Catholic organization that originally started solely as an apostolate dedicated to making, praying, and giving away all-twine knotted Rosaries and encouraging others to do the same". They have grown into a lot more, from great podcasts, videos, online communities and more! Check them out at www.RosaryArmy.com or contact them at Rosary Army Corp. P.O. Box 82721 Conyers, GA 30013 Kerry owns the Rosary Making video and is looking for anyone interested in learning how to make all-twine knotted rosaries. Contact her at ......

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Parish Media Liason Posts

1-8-08 Make the Connection

Did you know their is an EXCITING 24 hour Catholic TV station?
EWTN can be found on Channel 96 on Charter Cable in Groton.

Kerry Madden is our local Media Missionary representing the station. She will be supplying monthly program schedules at the back of St James Church that are free for the taking.
Programs include Daily Mass, Recitation of the Rosary, children's programs, Catholic news, Life on the Rock (Kerry's favorite!), music, exciting interviews, faith building shows and MORE!
To learn more about EWTN tune in, check their website www.ewtn.com or visit the back of St James for a bulletin!