Sunday, August 3, 2008

Make the Connnection: Audrey Stevenson, pray for us! A book review.

I recently read the book "Audrey, The True Story of One Child's Heroic Journey of Faith" by Gloria Conde as part of the Catholic Company's reviewer program and couldn't wait to tell the world my thoughts and feelings about this book and about Audrey!

The book was written in French by Gloria Conde and I read the translated version which was edited by Trish Bailey I mention this only because I am a Francophile and found it so fitting (perhaps it was a divine plan!) that this book should land in my hands.

"Audrey" is a beautiful book that chronicles the memories, experiences and lessons from Audrey's life and the impact she had on other people. She was given a special gift from God; a heart and soul truly devoted to serving Him in all she did. She was passionate about sharing God's love and His calling to each of us: to know Him, love Him and serve Him. At the age of 9, she was afflicted with leukemia and through her illness shared the peace and joy and purpose that comes from life centered on God.

As I read, I was reminded of an NPR program where the author, Bart Ehrman, talked about his book "God's Problem". He found the Bible's explanation of why people suffer unconvincing and eventually lost his faith. I feel Audrey has his answer. I will be praying for him that he rediscovers his faith and learns the beauty and purpose of suffering.

Audrey Stevenson's life was a gift to the world and hers is story that needs to be told.

Her mission on earth is not complete though her time here has ended. She continues to "work" for us from her original home, heaven. Audrey, please pray for us!

If you have suggestions for upcoming installments of Make the Connection, please contact me!Peace of Christ to you!Kerry Madden, The Catholic Parish Media Liaison

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