Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Spiritual renewal and faith sharing

Through out the summer there was a buzz in our church... Arise Together in Christ is coming!!!
It was billed as small group scripture study, faith sharing and spiritual renewal. This sounded very exciting to me! I couldn't wait to sign up to be a part of it.

At long last fall has arrived and ARISE has begun! Last week's meeting was warm and welcoming. We got to know each other, agreed on some basic structure to our meeting and dove into the Holy Bible. The Arise Study guide had some thought provoking questions and encouraged us share with each other as we build our relationship with Jesus.

Check out the RCAB's website to learn about Arise Together in Christ and see if you can bring this exciting renewal to your parish! http://rcab.org/Life/Arise/HomePage.html

Peace of Christ to you!
Kerry, The Catholic Parish Media Liaison

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