Sunday, August 2, 2009

Review of L'Angelus Concert

Jump up and dance with L'Angelus!

L'Angelus is the self described "Power Trio" from Louisiana and that is a very apt description!
Their music is filled with joy and humor, as well as a deep sense of tradition and love of family.
My heart was truly blessed by encountering these fabulous musicians! (and my toe was tapping too!).

For a dance around the house fun filled adventure....check out their Ca C'est Bon CD. My daughter says every song is her favorite! (quickly forgetting Hannah Montana!). It's available on their website (I downloaded through Itunes).

For relaxing, worshiping and meditation fill you heart with their latest CD: Sacred Hymns through Ignatius Press. I don't recommend downloading the music on Itunes because the CD case is wonderful and I would have been sad to not have the lyrics and beautiful pictures of the Rees family and friends.

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